SchoolStats” is a software product designed specifically for Queensland State High Schools to maximize the understanding of the academic performance of their school.
Put simply, SchoolStats works by loading end of term data extracts from OneSchool into a small, but powerful, dedicated software application, which then enables straight forward but insightful reports/statistical analysis to be produced. SchoolStats has a simple aim: to improve student outcomes by providing a better understanding of the academic performance of your individual students  and/or specific cohorts. SchoolStats can also be used to analyse the academic success of teachers and faculties within the school.

At SchoolStats, we believe the analysis of OneSchool data is paramount to ensure teaching resources are best engaged where needed. We also understand that teaching and non-teaching staff are invariably “time poor”, and that is why SchoolStats is designed to be focused on the end of term academic performance only. This focus makes the product extremely easy to install, use and update.

In designing SchoolStats for the Queensland State High School market, our philosophy is that SchoolStats needs to be:

  • Cost effective (pricing equates to around $1-$2 per student per year for most schools)
  • Easy to Install (installation takes less than 1 minute)
  • Easy to use (all updates are via Excel data loads, and it takes just minutes to update & begin running reports)
  • Secure (all of your data is contained in your existing School networks)

SchoolStats has been designed in conjunction with leading Queensland State High Schools, and this partnership has tailored the reporting to suit the reporting needs of schools today.
The simple, menu driven reports, combined with advanced filtering, sorting, and printing functions (to PDF & Excel) provide the user the ability to quickly answer questions such as:

  1. I want to reward students with good behaviour and high academic achievement on Awards Night. Run me a report with all students in Term 1, Year 10 with at least 5 A academic ratings, and 5 VG behaviour ratings.
  2. I want to ensure all students with 3 or more failures are receiving adequate attention. Run me a report showing those students and their grades.
  3. How has the overall GPA for the Year 11, Term 4 cohort progressed since they began at Year 7?
  4. I want to review the top students in Term 1, Year 10. Run me a report showing all students with a GPA of between 4.0 & 5.0.
  5. What is the GPA of Year 10 Mathematics students in Term 1 2016? How did that move from Term 4 2016?
  6. What is the Overall GPA of my Term 4, Year 12 students, split between Indigenous, Non Indigenous and Total cohort? How about between Male and Female?
  7. I want to review how the average GPA’s for certain teachers are compared to the entire Faculty for the past three years. Run me a report, and then sort in order from the lowest to the highest GPA.
  8. I’d like a simple, but intuitive “scorecard” for each of my students to really understand their academic achievement over time. I want to compare that student’s grades to students completing the same subjects. How do I do this?
  9. Which Student or Teacher had the highest overall ranking for Acheivement, Effort & Behaviour for last term?

SchoolStats will enable you to do what you do best – educate (as opposed to crunch data sets). The SchoolStats product will do the data “dirty work” for you, and will enable you to really understand with much greater clarity the outcomes being achieved by your students and staff. Armed with this information, your school will be able to set realistic and relevant goals, and more importantly, put appropriate strategies in place to achieve these.

If you are currently analysing your OneSchool extracts, SchoolStats will make that process much easier. If you are not yet doing that analysis, SchoolStats is a very easy way to begin to get an in depth understanding of student progress throughout your school. Click on the ‘Reports’ page to see examples of the reporting possible with SchoolStats.


Click here to see a short overview of SchoolStats, to see how easy the software is easy to use!

The Reports page will give examples of the 10 reports that can be run.