• Is the installation process complicated?

No. In fact, installation is simply a matter of opening an email, clicking an icon, and the software self-installs in less than 20 seconds. IT support is only required if you want to install to your school’s network, and even that is only a couple of minutes work.

  • Where do I install the software?

Some schools prefer a network installation, whilst some prefer a local PC. There is no difference in cost or functionality. The only difference is that the Network option means that unlimited users can access the same data, whereas the PC option means that each user must load their own data.

  • Do I need a separate license for Senior or Junior?

No, the same software is used for Year 7 to year 12. No additional licensing or costs are involved in having visibility on your student’s performances over the full 6 years.

  • Do I need to add more complexity with a dedicated file server / database options?

Unlike some products, no you don’t. SchoolStats operates as a webserver, and therefore runs from your preferred internet browser. Data is stored simply and effectively on your local driver or your network drive.

  • How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on the size of your School. The base price is $2,000 per year (inc GST), with a discount for schools under 1,500 students to $1,500 (inc GST).

  • What is included in the price?

Installation of SchoolStats on your Network, or unlimited PC’s in your School. You will also receive software updates and phone support.

  • I have an idea for a report, can I suggest that?

Yes, please do! SchoolStats has evolved by fulfilling the needs of Schools, so new reports and modifications will benefit all users. If the report has merit, it will be added to the software at no cost to users. The vision for SchoolStats is that it will continue to evolve over time, benefiting all in the user community.

  • Can I just buy the software outright?

Like almost all bespoke software, SchoolStats operates under the “software as a service” model. This means that you pay a (small) annual fee rather than a much larger amount upfront. Why? This method is favourable to the School as it is cheaper and also ensures that the Developer has a commitment to develop, maintain and improve the software over time. Paying a larger amount upfront for software can sometimes mean software is not enhanced or serviced over time and that you may be left with unsupported software that you have paid many thousands of dollars for. Moreover, the “software as a service” model means you can try the software for relatively little cost, and if you decide that it’s not for you, you have not wasted thousands of dollars!

  • Is the software easy to use?

Unashamedly, SchoolStats is all about simplicity, not complex interfaces, uploads, and pretty reports that don’t get read! SchoolStats is the “brain child” of a Masters graduate with a passion for data analysis, who has worked in some of the largest corporate organisations around the world (earning multiple national industry body awards in the process for innovation & management). That experience showed that the more complicated and ‘fancy’ a reporting tool is, the more like it would not be effective. Combine that knowledge of data analysis with the insight as to what Schools really need from working hand in hand with leading QLD State High Schools to develop the tool has made SchoolStats the most effective option on the market. The software itself was developed by an award winning, Masters level Gold Coast based developer, who has used his vast experience to refine the design of the product to ensure simplicity in all parts of the product (from installation to running reports in a couple of minutes!).

  • Can I have an onsite demonstration at my School?

Yes, these can be arranged by request.

  • I have already paid for a competitor, but I’m interested to see what SchoolStats can offer.

No problem, we are happy to provide a free demonstration and full instructions for an unlocked version of the tool for 6 months. We do that as we are very confident that SchoolStats will be something you want too keep!